relationship goals


relationship goals

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I was tagged by the fabububu crotchner

}Name: nope

}Nickname: Siti

}Birthday: 26th October!

}Gender: Lady

}Sexuality: Loves all~

}Height: Barely 5ft

}Time zone: London, what ever that is. GMT +1 i think?

}Average hours of sleep I get each night: Tries for 8, usually sleeps at 2am (though I’m fixing it now cas class soon)

}OTPs: AltMal, Delsin with anybody is basically a close second lmao

}The last thing I Googled was: Wondering if shelves were spelt correctly…(it’s late here so sue me)

}What I last said to a family member: Can someone get KIA downstairs? (she meant KA drink lol, lead to a rather hurmourous conversation between me and my brother)

}One place that makes me happy and why: idek, happy/content everywhere rn

}How many blankets I sleep under: Uno.

}Favourite beverage(s): Teaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or milo

}The last movie I watched in the cinema was: i don’t even know anymore wow

}Three things I can’t live without: food fuud fewd (sorry i just stopped caring xD”)

}A piece of advice for all my followers: Live a little. Treat yourself when you know it’s right. Ain’t no shame in it.

}My blog(s): This one and my Delsin RP (and others but I’m frequently at those two)


still have my issues with that

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:: (by shii*08)


"You were always good for a smile".


"You were always good for a smile".

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Super Smash Bros + all characters

Endless List of Favorite Video Games → L.A. Noire (2011)

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I’ve noticed that the way cr1tikal talks kind of resembles an Aperture Science Personality Core

I GLaDOS-ified his voice from this video and I have to say I think it works (aside from my own lazy editing)

sci you are a beautiful fucking human being